Eat Right India

Rice Puttu


Item Weight Measure/No
Rice 125 g 1 K
Jaggery 100 g 1 medium piece
Cardamom 0.5 g 5
Coconut scrapings 20 g 4 tsp
Vanaspati/ghee 10 g 2 tsp
Water 75 ml K


Soak, drain and grind rice, into a coarse powder. Add water and steam it in bamboo cylindrical moulds. Soak jaggery in a little water till it melts, then strain. Serve puttu with ghee and jaggery syrup and garnish with grated coconut.

Nutritional Information:(One serving)

weight Measure Calories Protein Carbohydrate Fat
100g 1K 280 kcal 2.8g 55g 5.4g