General Guidelines for the Millet challenge for Eat Right Campus
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  1. Only certified Eat Right Campuses are eligible to participate in this challenge.
  2. Eat Right Campuses that already expired or will expire in between the Millet challenge are not eligible for participation.
  1. Certified Eat Right Campuses are eligible to participate in this challenge.
  2. Eat Right Millet Challenge will be available for application at
  3. All entries must be submitted with requisites photographs and information for a mandatory four weeks.
  4. Minimum two photos are mandatory to upload against each relevant point.
  5. Forms found incomplete or having wrong information are liable to be rejected by FSSAI.
  1. Competition to be held at one level, The participant campuses/institutions shall prepare millet dish(es) and upload the photos of the same on the Eat Right Millet Challenge for Campus Portal.
  2. The millet dish prepared should be clearly visible in the photos thus uploaded. The photos also have to be properly captioned.
  3. In addition, photos of the dish served to the customers with the canteen in the background shall be uploaded by the participant campuses.
  4. Any other activity done under the Millet Challenge should also be uploaded in relevant sections on the portal.
  5. Promotional events or activities done before and/or after the Millet Challenge would be highly appreciated and may be filled in other sections of the portal.

A screening process will be adopted to evaluate and shortlist the submitted entry. Screening Committee will do initial shortlisting, short-listed Campuses will be evaluated on the basis of the information provided in the challenge. The following broad parameters shall be considered by committees for the evaluation of the proposals:

  1. Innovations
  2. Scale
  3. Publicity/Awareness
  4. Diversified millet Recipes
  5. Impact
Eat Healthy Bulletin Board Competition:
  No. of Prizes Prize
Regional Level
Total- 40 per Region Cash ₹ 5,000/ and Certificate
National Level
First Total 10 Cash ₹ 20,000/ and Certificate
Second Total 10 Cash ₹ 15,000/ and Certificate
Third Total 10 Cash ₹ 10,000/ and Certificate
Consolation Prizes Total 10 Cash ₹ 5,000/ and Certificate
Participation All Certificate from FSSAI (To be downloaded by individual from )