Eat Right India
Eat Right School


Any recognised School can register for the Eat Right School Programme.

In order to spread the awareness about eating right, it is imperative that schools participate actively in the Ear Right School initiative.

School teachers and/or parents can be nominated as Health and Wellness Ambassadors/Health and Wellness teams. They would be certified by FSSAI by undertaking an online certification program and drive and drive Eat Right School Programme.

FSSAI has developed the Yellow books to inculcate right eating habits. Yellow books are aimed at adoption of scientific and credible content into existing curriculum to increase outreach through education boards at the national and state level.

The Eat Right Matrix has been conceptualized by FSSAI as a monitoring and evaluation tool to assist in creating a safe and wholesome environment since childhood. The matrix is and amalgamation of pre-requisites and desirables that each and every school must incorporate in their management/teaching practices.

The matrix has 3 sections with scores attached to it.

  1. Section A has to be filled by all schools and has 32 marks
  2. Section B is for schools (Govt/Govt Aided) that provide IFA supplementation and Deworming tablets. It is of 2 marks in total
  3. Section C is for any school that has a eating or a food distribution facility. It comprises of 12 marks.

The Certificate will be valid for 2 years