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Food Safety Magic Box

FSSAI has developed a "Food Safety Magic Box" to help in the basic analysis of the food samples.

Food Safety Magic Box is expected to inculcate a sense of curiosity amongst students and empower them to differentiate between safe and unsafe food.

Detection of adulteration in food is an essential requirement for ensuring safety of foods we consume. Although sophisticated lab techniques are accurate, precise, and reliable, yet they are costly and time consuming. It is essential to develop reliable "quick screening tests" which a common person can perform at the level of household so as to have a broad picture of the status of adulteration in his food in case of doubt. The Food safety Magic Box helps us in the detection of adulteration in food samples. The Food Safety Magic Box has:

  • 102 Tests for 07 Food Categories.
  • Contains basic chemicals & small instruments (Lactometer & Magnet).
  • Acid/Alkali Solution required for some tests.

To further facilitate the usage of Food Safety Magic Box, grade wise Food Safety Guidebooks have been developed. The Food Safety Guidebooks are available from grade 3-10. Each grade booklet contains 12-15 tests which are mapped across the curriculum of the particular grade.

Hope these booklets are helpful for teachers by providing them with the detailed information of how to conduct the different tests on food adulteration.