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To initiate the process of an Eat Right Fruits and Vegetables Market, a geographical area (such as any specific road, mandi or any area) with an aggregation of fruits and vegetables vendors may be identified and recommended by the local food authority to FSSAI for its recognition and certification by submitting the details in the Enrolment Proforma or by filling Registration form by visiting the link:

One can apply for the Eat Right Fruits and Vegetables Market certification program by visiting the link:

The implementation partner/local food authority for that particular market should register on the portal. It is a 5 minutes’ process and requires basic details like Name and Address of the fruit and vegetable market and contact details and email of the implementation partner. Upon registration, login credentials will be sent to the registered email.

FSSAI works with various like-minded agencies for execution and implementation of Eat Right India initiatives. These agencies are well verse and understand the SOPs and implementation model for various Eat Right India initiatives including Eat Right Fruits and Vegetables Market. They play a very important role towards on-ground execution of the projects including facilitation with local bodies like municipal corporations and state food safety departments; documentation on the portal and Liasoning with other stakeholders like training agencies, audit agencies (Hygiene Rating agency/ Third-party audit agency) and facilitate on-ground execution of the projects.

State FDA/ FSSAI Regional Office/ CSR funding agency/NGO’s and Not for profit associations can take up the role of an implementation partner.

No, as both have a different role to play, they can’t be similar. A training agency is responsible for the FoSTaC training and an audit agency (Hygiene Rating agency/ Third-party audit agency) are eligible to do post audit as per the checklist designed by the FSSAI. Further, it is to be noted that both (training agency and an audit partner) cannot be the implementation agency/partner. This is basically to avoid any kind of conflict during the process.

Vendors of the fruits and vegetable market will be jointly inspected by State FDA and FSSAI empanelled auditing agency for gap analysis.Since it is a self-assessment the marks do not add in the final checklist. It only helps in identifying improvement areas/gaps (if any).

Final audit will be conducted by same FSSAI empanelled auditing agency who did the first gap analysis. Report of assessment will be submitted to concerned state FDA, who will verify and will send final report to FSSAI with remarks on eligibility of the market for “Eat Right Fruits and Vegetables Market” certificate.

FSSAI empanelled audit agencies can assign audits to any of their designated auditor.

A copy of valid FSSAI registration/license of all the vendors in the Fruits and Vegetables Market complex, FoSTaC training certificates are some of the important documents required for the certification purpose. Along with that pre-audit report and post-audit report is required to be submitted for the certification purpose.

After completion of the process and submission of all above documents, a time period of at least 30 days is required to review and validate all the documents and seek necessary approvals. Further, if there is any error in the documents or incomplete documents are submitted, in that case another 15 days will be required at the HQ level post seeking necessary clarifications.

The minimum qualifying scoring criteria for the certification is 65%.

For any clarification from the HQ, mails will be received from Mails will only be sent to the person whose details are provided during the registration.

The certificate will have the Name and the city of the Fruits and Vegetables Market, the name of Implementation partner, Audit partner and the Training partner along with the validity of certificate. All these details are captured from the Dashboard which is filled up the implementation partner, hence it is advised to check the spellings and names etc before filling and submitting.