Eat Right School Matrix

What is the ERM?

The Eat Right School matrix has been conceptualized by FSSAI as a monitoring and evaluation tool to assist in creating a safe and wholesome environment since childhood. The matrix has been created for ease of implementing various school programmes across ministries. This matrix is an amalgamation of the pre-requisites and desirables that each and every school must incorporate in their management/teaching practices.

Instructions for Schools: ( Please read the following before filling up the matrix )

  • Any recognised school can register for the Eat Right School Programme.
  • The general information must be provided.
  • The matrix has two sections with scores attached to it.
  • The schools may furnish information annually.
  • The school will be provided with a certificate once the ERM has been submitted.
  • The resources required to become an Eat Right School are placed at
  • The Eat Right Matrix has been made keeping in mind the convergence with all programmes pertaining to schools so that a holistic view may be undertaken.

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