Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can join NetProFaN?

Currently the members from the following eight associations are only eligible to be NetProFaN members (AoAC, AFST(I), IAPEN, IDA, IFCA, IMA, IPHA, NSI).

2. What does a NetProFaN member do?

The member should be a champion of the Eat Right Movement of FSSAI. Through this network members of different associations come together to promote safe and healthy diets for over 135-crore people in India. NetProFaN looks for people who want to help others – that’s core! Based on the broad network of personal, business, professional or community contacts that a member has and can be trusted as a professional and a valued advisor.

3. I am not a part of any of the association, how do I join NetProFaN?

Individuals who are not part of any association could be invited/nominated by conveners and they can be NetProFaN ambassadors. They have some expertise which would help a state chapter to perform better and their contribution will be added in the chapter performance. These individuals could be students, food blogger, journalist, language translator etc.

4. How do I register as a member?

An individual can send a request to their city convener for registration. Click on and send a request to become a member to the chapter convener/co-convener. After the approval from convener/co-convener login credentials will be shared on the registered e-mail ID. You can login and start uploading your activities. In case there is no chapter in a city a request can be sent to nearby city convener/co-convener to make member register in active cities.

5. How do I register as an ambassador?

Individual who are not members of any of the association but would like to join the Eat Right India movement can join the network as an ambassador. They can approach the city convener/ coconvener and can register themselves as ambassadors. Their technical support would strengthen the activities of the chapter. Their contributions will be added in chapter score

6. Is there a membership fee for joining NetProFaN?

No, there is no fee for membership

7. How can a new NetProFaN chapter be created in a city/state?

A member of any of the seven association can initiate the process of starting a new chapter in the city where currently no chapter is available. Members of at least three associations should be there while forming a chapter. The members can decide on chapter convener and co convener. A formal launch of the chapter can be organised and thereby adding more members. Orientation of the member them on various initiatives of ERI can be conducted. The formation of new chapter must be notified to FSSAI at

State FDA can also approach members of any of these seven association and initiate formation of NetProFaN chapter in their city

8. Who can be the convener of NetProFaN chapter?

The convener of the chapter is decided by the members of the associations present in that city/state. The convener can be from any of the seven associations or from State FDA. The city/state members have the power of the selection of convener/co-convener on their mutual consensus.

9. What is the role of convener/co-convener in NetProFaN?

Convener/Co-convener will be responsible for the following

• Upload activities conducted by the chapter.
• Approval of ‘new member request’ received.
• Approval of ‘member activity request’ received.
• Registration of NetProFaN ambassadors.
• Adding ambassadors to their chapter.
• Send all the resources created by chapter to
• Ensure dissemination of message from national level to each chapter member.
• Planning activities and expanding members of the chapter.

10. How can NetProFaN collaborate with the State FDA?

All the chapters are required to approach office of Sate Food Safety Commissioner and coordinate with them for activities conducted in their city. Chapters can request the State Food Safety Office to nominate one personnel to be included in the NetProFaN state level steering committee to provide guidance to the chapter. Also, members can also get themselves enrolled in state and district level committees as an independent expert to provide technical assistance.

11. Does the NetProFaN chapter get any recognition from FSSAI?

Yes, the convener of the chapter should approach the regional office and inform about chapter formation. Each registered chapter will receive a letter of recognition from the respective Regional Office, FSSAI.

12. How are points earned when performing any activity as an individual or as a chapter?

As per matrix in the manifesto (annexure 2) points will be given according to the activity performed under any of the four categories; content creation, training and capacity building, mass dissemination and outreach activities. The level of activity will be defined on the work done for eg number of pages translates, participation level of an event etc.

13. How can the chapter activity be added on the website?

The chapter convener would upload the activities performed by the chapter along with individual contribution. The points will be awarded for any activity conducted by chapter with four or more individual members of one or more association. Activities performed by ambassadors will also be included in chapter activity. Points will also be given on the number of active members (membership) in the chapter and mentoring of new city chapters.

Note: Points for number of members
• More than 40 members- 5 points
• More than 75 members- 10 points
• More than 100 members- 15 points
*The convener/co-convener need to register themselves as a member and upload their activities to earn points as an individual.

14. How can individual activity be added on the website?

Members can login and upload the activities conducted by them based on four categories. The individual will upload the activity performed along with relevant evidence. Points will be awarded for any independent activity and contribution in any chapter activity. The convener will approve the activity.

15. How will the success of a member be measured?

The members will be awarded points for the activities performed by them (for details of the refer to annexure 2 of manifesto). The top ten performers will be awarded annually. Silver lapel pin will be earned by an individual after achieving 250 points and gold lapel pin will be awarded after achieving 750 points. The chapter expects each member to conduct at least 2 activities a month.

17. Is there a specific format for uploading activities?

Yes, to maintain smooth functioning of the website it is recommended to upload small files. In case of content creation activity upload the screenshot of the title page and mail the complete document to The document will be uploaded under resources section by FSSAI.

For activities related to training and capacity building, mass dissemination, outreach activity, upload a one page report stating the agenda, number of participants and outcomes along with one picture. Other event pictures could be mailed to

18. Will the marks be awarded immediately after uploading the activity?

The marks for the activity performed by chapter and individual will be added quarterly for one year. After end of the year the points system will begin from 0 for all the chapters for the next year.