Rewards and Recognition

A mechanism for rewards and recognition to incentivise the participation of members who are actively engaged in working as per the mandate has been put in place. A matrix for earning points has been created. Further, on the basis of points earned, members would be awarded silver and gold lapel pins for individual achievements and the chapter would be awarded a trophy. A silver lapel pin will be earned by an individual after achieving 250 points and gold lapel pin will be awarded after achieving 750 points. The chapter expects each member to make at least two contributions a month. The top five best performing chapters will be awarded annually. It is expected that each chapter should make at least five contributions a month.

The following matrix has been developed on the basis of which points can be earned by an individual or as a chapter. The activities should be based on the theme of Eat Right India movement.

Points structure for Individual
• For any independent activity
• For contributing in any chapter activity.

Point structure for chapter
• If any activity has been performed by more than four individual members.
• Number of active members as per the data on the website.
• Number of new city chapters mentored.

Chapter conveners and Individual members can login on and upload their activities. Points will be updated quarterly.