Institutional Structure

National Level

1. Steering Committee: CEO, FSSAI as Chairperson; National President + 1 office bearer from seven partner associations as members; 2-3 independent experts.

2. The members will approve the nominated convenor and co-convenor for the state/city.

3. Members will choose a convenor and co-convenor at the city level.

4. In coordination with the state FDA one person will be nominated to work with state/city NetProFaN chapter. Members from the state NetProFaN chapter would also be included in state and district level committees as an independent expert so that their experience and valuable inputs could be utilised

State/City level

1. Steering Committee: Representative from state FDA as chairperson; convener and co-convener of all the city chapters; one nodal person of all the seven associations from the state; 2-3 independent experts.

2. The NetProFaN nodal person of all the associations will nominate members for the city.

5. In case of multiple city chapters in a state. The members of the state will decide on one nodal city chapter to represent at national level. The convener of the selected chapter will represent the state. This could vary based on the performance level of the chapters in a particular state.

NetProFan's steering committees at national and state level

National Level Steering Committee

1 The national level steering committee shall advise on the following:

a. Formulation and advising on operating guidelines at state chapters level;
b. Key issues in food and nutrition which require awareness generation; and
c. Validate or develop key messages for communication around food and nutrition priorities.

2 Facilitate inter-disciplinary awareness and engagement activities at the state level.
3 FOversee and monitor the activities undertaken by the state chapter
4 Meet regularly at the invitation of the Chairperson.

State Level Steering Committee

1 Based on CACS advice, take up awareness generation and engagement activities at the state level.
2 Engage with various stakeholders at the state level to amplify the reach of communication activities like higher technical and other educational institutions, industry, NGOs and others.
3 Using existing resources, train the body of professionals in food and nutrition.
4 Extend technical expertise to train cadres of government programs.
5 Oversee and monitor the activities undertaken by the city chapters
6 Meet regularly at the invitation of the SAC chairperson.
7 Report regularly on the activities undertaken at the state level.

1 NetProFaN is primarily driven by passion to make a difference in society by improving public health. The motive of NetProFaN is to include activities/sessions in the activities already conducted by associations/members.
2 Various Government programmes, funding agencies and corporates are already aligned to our objectives through their initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. This provides us several opportunities for convergence.
3 The funds are utilized optimally and provide them value for money for a worthy cause. Thus, we are committed to carrying out our activities at minimal cost and maximum efficiency.