The Phase-II is designed to share the experiences gathered across the country by the Officer Trainees on returning to the Academy. The course content is designed to consolidate the learnings and for assimilating the district experiences gained by the Trainees in one year. It allows for sharing of experiences of good administrative practices, enabling them to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of our administration and governance. This prepares them for problems and situations they will face in the initial years of their career. They seek more enduring solutions to administrative problems and challenges. This phase of interactive learning is supplemented with special sessions with distinguished experts from within and outside the Government. Commencing in the third week of May, it concludes in June.


  • To analyse individual and collective experiences of activities related to the ‘Eat Right India’ during District Training through a process of structured reflection
The Participants are required to present their experiences and success story through structured presentations and group discussions. The participants can present specific case studies on which they are evaluated and awarded.